Elementary and youth Judo In Korea

What a long week. I put in close to 60 hours in total work hours this week (my field work for my Masters degree, running a dojo and teaching private lessons). On top of that, I have been waking up everyday at 5am to get my own personal work out in. I love this time. It’s me and the world. No text message notifications, no interruptions, just me and my time to grow (not only around my biceps, but as a contributing member of society from a collectivist and individualist perspective both). But, I digress…

So I had a long week and I am winding down on Saturday night. As I procrastinate on fulfilling my social obligations, I perused youtube then I came across this. A video on how Korean Judokas are bred through elementary and middle school! Quite incredible. So I decided to share with you all. Naturally, it invoked many responses within me since I am a competitive athlete myself. Maybe it will have the same effect on you?

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