Martial Artist’s mirror

This might be embarrassing for me admit, especially on a public site like this, but I stare into the mirror twice a day, everyday.

I think it is an absolutely fascinating phenomenon that I can completely deceive myself while looking at this reflection of mine. My perception changes from day to day, depending on my emotional state.  Sometimes, I can’t stop admiring myself while I flex and pose.  I see limitless potential, a Judo Olympic Gold, NYC marathon winner, strongest man in the world, a Nobel Laureate.   Then again, sometimes, the most minuscule flaws haunt me.  Are my shoulders uneven?  Are my calves too small?  Should I cut to 81kgs for my next Judo competition?

Everything about the mirror titillates my curiosity.  How humans are the only species in the world that uses this tool.  Or how a well placed mirror can open up the room, play with the light, change the levels, and complete your DIY feng shui project.  How some gyms uses skinny mirrors and how others use wide.

While doing a little reading about mirrors, I have come to realization that many people see mirrors as a negative thing.  Whether you are ugly or beautiful, fat or thin, mirrors can be your worst enemy.  So I challenge you, to defeat this emotional association.  Here is the challenge.

Every night before going to bed, stare into the mirror and ask yourself

  1. Did I exercise to develop my body and mind today to improve the reflection that I see now?
  2. Did I eat well so I can function at higher level?
  3. Did I learn something new today?
  4. Did I help someone today?
  5. Did I make progress towards my goals?

If you answered to yes to all the questions, then you are on your way making the best possible association with your own personal reflection.

Take this challenge every single night.  As opposed to seeing the outer most layer of your current self, see the bigger picture and all that untapped potential.  Make steps towards your ideal self and make the paradigm shift to loving the person staring back at you!

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